9.1.1. The Training Centre has implemented this policy  in an attempt to reduce the number of “empty”  training seats as a result of trainees not showing  up for scheduled training. For many reasons, training seats are valuable and if a trainee does  not show up for a class that has been reserved/ confirmed for them it results in wasted resources. For purposes of this policy, a  situation where a trainee did not attend a class  that was scheduled for them will be referred to  as a “no show ”. 


9.2.1. This policy is applicable to all members and  other trainees that attend safety or skills training  offered by the Training Centre. 

9.3. POLICY  

9.3.1. Any trainee who, according to our records, has  2 unwarranted no-shows within a 12 month  period of time will be issued a warning letter advising that they are in violation of the attendance policy. 

9.3.2. Once a trainee has been issued a warning letter,  they will be flagged on the training system and  a copy of the Training Attendance Policy will be  issued via email/text.


9.4.1. If unable to attend training, the trainee must  leave a message with the training office identifying themselves, their program, as well as  as the reason for not attending. The Training Centre will attempt to fill the vacant seat and the  trainees name will be placed on the wait list for  the next available class. 


9.5.1. If, after a Warning Letter has been issued, there  is a third occurrence in a 12 month period the following action(s) will occur: 

• The person will be removed from all training sign-up list(s). 

• The person will receive a Training Attendance Suspension Letter via text/email advising that they have been removed from any training lists and suspended from further enrolment for 12 months. The person will also be sent a copy of the Training Attendance Policy. 

9.5.2. If a trainee was issued a suspension letter, any  subsequent absence will result in further suspension for 12 months after the last occurrence. 


9.6.1. After a period of 12 months, the trainee is no  longer suspended and regains access to sign  up for classes again.