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Myths & Facts

There are many myths about unions in Canada, plain and simple. We want to help set the record straight on unionization. The following are seven myths and facts about unions to help you answer the question: "is a union right for me?"

Myth #1

My union dues go toward making union executives rich.


No, your union dues go to building and maintaining a strong union. LIUNA Local 1059 is a non-profit organization, with the biggest expenditures going towards representing its membership, including Business Representatives, grievance settlement, organizing and administrative costs, which all contribute to ensuring that collective agreements are negotiated and enforced professionally. Local 1059 also invests in up-to-date skills and safety training courses for members, to help them remain employable.

Myth #2

I can be fired for organizing a union/signing an authorization card.


Punishing or in any way penalizing an employee who intends to or has signed an application card is illegal. This goes directly against the unionization rights provided by law. When workers unionize, signed cards are submitted to the government Labour Board and are cross-referenced with an official employee list supplied to the Labour Board by their employer. Your employer will know how many employees signed, but will not know who specifically, and is unable to punish any worker.

Myth #3

Unions are strike-happy.


Unions always negotiate for collective agreements, not conflict. At Local 1059, we consider striking a last resort. Strikes happen only if a clear majority of the affected membership votes for it. When the public learns about strikes in the news, they assume it is the norm. However, strikes are the exception: 97 out of 100 collective agreements are actually resolved without striking.

Myth #4

Unions protect the lazy.


No collective agreement protects employees from the logical consequences of their actions. What unions do is ensure that the process for discipline is fair according to the law and follows the process laid out in the collective agreement. At Local 1059, it is our responsibility to make sure members are treated fairly and are offered the support they need throughout the discipline process. However, we cannot protect them from themselves.

Being a Member Has its Perks

Local 1059 members enjoy the benefits of unionization including pensions, health insurance and higher wages. We also place members in rewarding careers with tremendous opportunities - from profitable and interesting careers as skilled workers to the ability to take a career path that leads to leadership positions, both within companies and on the job site.

Health Coverage

Local 1059 takes pride in taking care of its members and their dependents with a comprehensive benefits package that includes prescriptions, dental, paramedical, optical, mental health and addictions counselling, and even medical cannabis coverage. In addition, Local 1059 members have access to the MembersHealth 24/7 telemedicine service to connect with a doctor in minutes.

Skills & Safety Training

The safety of our members is of paramount importance, and that’s why Local 1059 offers an extensive variety of safety training and certification courses on-site at our brand new state-of-the-art Training Centre in London, Ontario. Visit the Upcoming Courses section of the site for more information.

Pension Coverage

Local 1059 is dedicated to helping its members build a stronger future through the Labourers’ Pension Fund of Central and Eastern Canada, a multi-employer pension fund where every company contributes to the same plan.

Job Security

In these uncertain economic times, more and more people are citing job security as a primary driver in the career they choose to pursue. The great news is, construction is a thriving industry and skilled tradespeople are in higher demand than ever before. Local 1059 works hard to ensure our members remain employed, and we refer out of work members to our signatory employers.

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