LiUNA Local 1059

LiUNA Local 1059
635 Wilton Grove Road London, Ontario N6N 1N7

Training Centre

T. (519) 455-5299


T. (519) 455-8083 x228

Optical Centre

T. (519) 963-2969

Dental Studio

T. 519-286-1206

Chiropractic/Massage/Physiotherapy Clinic

T. (519) 286-1310

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Brandon MacKinnon
Business Manager
ext: 241
Carlo Mastrogiuseppe
Assistant Business Manager & Business Representative
ext: 242
Philip Da Silva
Business Representative
ext: 226
Danny De Sousa
Business Representative
ext: 247
Josh Stewart
Business Representative
ext: 246
Nathan Moniz
Business Representative
ext: 229
Adam Millman
Business Representative
ext: 243
Brian Carlos
Business Representative
ext: 253
Perry Thomas
Business Representative
ext: 254
Service Sector
Maria McFadden
Business Representative
ext: 240
Megan Quinney
Business Representative
ext: 248
Dani Bartlett
Business Representative
ext: 255
Training Centre
Mike Ropp
Training Director
ext: 237
Dan Armstrong
Instructor and Curriculum Development
Laryssa Parker
Training Assistant
ext: 239
Support Staff
Jessica Best
ext: 231
Fatima Camara
Administration & Finance
ext: 227
Grace Carreiro
ext: 230
Cidalia Resendes
Social Services & Benefits
ext: 228

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School Visit Program


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Local 1059 has a vested interest in ensuring young people are made aware of the broad range of career options available to them. In recent years, we have partnered with schools throughout the Thames Valley District School Board and London District Catholic School Board to arrange field trips to our brand new, cutting edge Training Centre. These visits have been a huge success, and the feedback from students, teachers, and parents has been truly outstanding. These visits include a variety of hands-on activities in our Training Centre, which is designed to mimic a real construction site, and they’re facilitated by current student-apprentices who are just starting out in their careers. It’s a great opportunity for students to become immersed in the skilled trades, understand what they are, and get a sense of whether this career path is something they might be interested in down the road. It’s a fun, educational, and eye-opening day for both students and their teachers. Contact our Training Director Mike Ropp to arrange a visit!
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Mike Ropp
Training Director
ext. 237
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