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Membership FAQ

What can we do for you?
Members of Local 1059 depend on us to conduct all bargaining and enforcement of collective agreements and undertake community and political advocacy to represent them on employment-related issues. But here at Local 1059, we do more than just negotiate collective agreements. Day in and day out, our committed team of business representatives work to hard to find secure employment for our members. In fact, our Local has the highest work to member ratio in Ontario.
How do I become a member?
You can begin the process by filling out an online application.
What benefits do members receive?
Members of Local 1059 receive employment benefits, benefit coverage and pension coverage through the union. Local 1059 members have accumulated over $28 million in their respective Local 1059 Benefit Plan dollar banks for future benefits.
Is there a cap on benefit plan contributions?
The Local 1059 fund does not cap members’ benefit plan contributions from employers.
Do skilled workers need to take the apprenticeship program to become a member?
Those who can demonstrate adequate construction skills may be initiated without having to participate in the apprenticeship program. Contact us for more information or fill out an online application.
If I already work in construction is there a cost to join?
Those who are working for a non-unionized construction company may have the opportunity to join at no cost by contacting our office for details.

Apprenticeship FAQ

What is a construction apprenticeship?
An apprenticeship provides hands-on training and in-school instruction for people who enjoy learning by doing. Apprenticeships can lead to rewarding and profitable careers that demand a high level of skill, judgment, and creativity. Apprentices are paid while gaining work experience, and their wages increase with their level of skill.
Why a Local 1059 construction apprenticeship?
Our programs provide you with the skills that make you more employable. Construction employers consider apprentices with Local 1059 training to be among the most productive, conscientious, qualified and safety-oriented individuals in the industry.
Where do I receive the training?
80 per cent of apprenticeship training is provided in the workplace by employers. The remainder involves classroom and shop instruction and theory, provided at the Local 1059 Regional Training Centre at Firestone Boulevard, London, Ontario.
Do I have to take the pre-apprenticeship program?
Most apprentices normally complete one of the pre-apprenticeship programs offered at the Regional Training Centre. In special circumstances, workers with some experience may proceed directly to the apprenticeship program.
Who sponsors and pays for apprenticeship programs?
Apprentices are contracted to a Local Apprenticeship Committee consisting of both management and labour representatives. This committee makes recommendations on apprenticeship placement and requirements for fulfillment of the apprenticeship. Apprentices are also registered with the Ministry of Training, Colleges and Universities (MTCU). MTCU schedules in-school sessions and covers their cost. Eligible apprentices also receive employment insurance for the duration of their in-school training. In all trades, apprentices are expected to pay $400 for each in-school training period, however, the Training Trust Fund pays this fee on behalf of LIUNA Local 1059 members.
How long does an apprenticeship program take?
Apprenticeship programs take two to three years to complete as long as the apprentice is steadily employed, successfully completes the in-school training period, and fills out his or her apprenticeship logbook completely.
How does an apprentice benefit from participation in a labour-management sponsored apprenticeship program?
Labour-management programs provide benefits like pensions and health coverage through union membership. Apprentices are paid on an increasing wage scale, and do not pay for their education. The most important benefits, however, are the skills that an apprentice possesses upon completion of his or her apprenticeship. Apprentices receive hands-on training on the job, and technical and theoretical training in the classroom.
How many apprentices are trained annually?
Local 1059 trains approximately 100 apprentices each year; 30 of which are new first-year apprentices.
What is unique about labour-management sponsored apprenticeship programs?
Apprentices are taking part in employee/employer-run programs. The contractor and the union invest in the apprenticeship program together, and the programs are free to apprentices.
What are the qualifications of our apprenticeship instructors?
Our instructors have many years of experience as journeypersons in the construction industry. All instructors are government certified tradespersons and/or college or university graduates. Instructors are evaluated and receive training to improve teaching skills.
Who ensures that apprentices learn when they are working on construction sites?
A full-time training director ensures that apprentices on the job site receive safe and effective training in all necessary skills under the supervision of experienced journeypersons. The sector-specific Local 1059 business representatives also help in this regard.
What training is offered?
Local 1059 delivers pre-apprenticeship training and apprenticeship training. In addition, we offer a full range of safety and skills upgrading courses for our members.
What education do I need to apply?
A minimum of grade 10 is required but grade 12 is preferred.
What apprenticeship programs do you offer?
At the LIUNA Local 1059 training centre, we offer the Construction Craft Worker (CCW) and the Cement Finisher (CF) apprenticeship.
What would my schedule look like?
Classes usually run for six hours per day, five days a week, for 8 weeks (twice in apprenticeship).
What do I need to bring to training?
Participants must bring their own construction safety boots and hard hats.
How can I apply?
Applications are available from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. at LiUNA Local 1059 - 635 Wilton Grove Road, London, ON N6N 1N7

For more information call: (519) 455-5299

Training Centre FAQ

How will the training I receive help me get a career?
When an employer approaches LIUNA Local 1059, we don’t just pick from the top of the dispatch list. Instead, each business representative is responsible for dispatching from within his or her group. In the process, they consider factors such as what skills the job requires, where it is, and what it entails. They then match those criteria with our member profiles in order to ensure that the right person is assigned to the right job. This saves employers time and money because it ensures they are only sent the workers who are qualified and ready to work hard.
Where is the training centre located?
You can find us at 56 Firestone Blvd., London, Ontario
What training is offered?
All members benefit from a variety of training courses offered by Local 1059. Pre-apprentice and apprentice training allows new workers to learn by doing. More experienced members can continually update their skills and certifications with safety training and construction skills upgrading courses.
Are all courses offered at one location?
Yes, we offer our training at a centralized location for your convenience.
Is there free parking at the training centre?
Yes. You do not have to pay to park at our training centre.
What features does the training centre have?
The training centre features classrooms, a computer lab, a large member meeting space, a cafeteria, and shops outfitted with the latest tools and equipment – which you can see in this video.

What is a record of training card?
LIUNA Local 1059 is among the first in Ontario to implement record of training cards. A record of training card is an easy way for all active construction members to have quick access to their training records on a smartphone, tablet or computer with Internet access.